We Are a Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo!

Bordered by Romania’s most ancient mountains and by the Danube Delta, the small town we grew up in is one where people deeply relied on nature for sustenance: a fact partially responsible for our minimalist, sustainable philosophy. This closeness to nature ignited within us a profound appreciation for it while opening our eyes to its many possibilities and teaching us how to coexist with it while ethically benefiting from what it can offer. Creating Zephyr Essentials is our way to share with you an intimate piece of this nature, whose impact on our lives is indescribable.

Mindful of our planet and of the traces left behind, it was a given for us to use eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients in the crafting of our range. Why ethically sourced? It’s quite simple: we believe people are worthy of as much respect as nature is. We’re one and the same, after all. Today’s consumption-based society prompts companies to violate not only nature but also human rights in order to reduce costs and increase profits — a very troubling reality that should not be met with a blind eye, and one we seek to replace with a legacy of empathy, transparency and respect.

Some Words From Each of Us…

“As an artist, nature, creativity and above all perfectionism are part of my daily life. The day I decided to offer people natural skin care products, my modus operandi was to craft a perfect product and offer people the most for their money. Guiding them to make healthier and more responsible choices for their skin, body, mind and spirit as well as for this beautiful planet is, to me, a very positive thing to be doing and one I take pride in.”

“In this over-saturated individualistic world, I have found myself to be endlessly driven by curiosity and inspired by nature, art and raw beauty. At the essence of my very being sits my love for nature, which has paved a life path that allowed me to share unspeakable bonds with wildlife and many genuine souls. I strongly believe in integrity, authenticity and fairness; my experiences with the corporate world have only reinforced these values and my desire to operate in a manner that is ethical for all.”

Thank you for your confidence and for encouraging a small family business!