Are you in the market for a natural personal care product entirely personalized and tailored to your specific needs?

Beauty means health, and the balance of the body can only be achieved through knowledge. With this in mind, the Zephyr team has chosen to offer you the possibility to order customized personal care products, whose benefits and therapeutic properties are carefully selected based on the characteristics of your skin/hair. In collaboration with an expert aromatherapist, cosmetician and artisan chemist, we craft natural personal care products tailored to your very own needs. All we need is that you provide us with some insight pertaining to your skin (e.g. oily, dry, battling with reoccurring acne) or hair, and a list of the qualities which you seek your product to possess. From then on, we will do the rest!

For a customized solution, please fill out the form below:

Personalized products are conveniently sold in larger quantities. The price of a personalized product is established based on the production cost. A close estimate (not including shipping fees) will be provided to you when discussing the custom order. Custom orders are to be paid in full prior to us starting to work on their crafting. Please note that, as mentioned in our Returns Policy, custom orders of personalized products are non-refundable.